Wed-Thur:4:00 PM – 9:00 PM
Fri-Sun:11:00 AM - 9:00 PM



  • Do you take reservation?

    We do not take reservations as we are currently closed to dine in. This may change in the future, so please stay tuned!

  • Do you deliver?

    We currently do not offer delivery. We are accepting pick up orders placed the night before through Tock. Please note, you must place your order at least the night before so that we can prepare you order in advance to limit your waiting time and exposure to COVID19.

  • Do you offer take out?

    We will be offering a limited set of our pizzas for take out through Ritual! As our woodfired pizzas are thin and have very low thermal mass, we highly recommend reheating our pizzas briefly when they arrive. Please check the Ritual website for instructions. Our Logan Squares are ready to eat out of the box, but always better with a light reheat as well! We currently offer take out through Tock, which requires you to place your order at least the night before Tock is also the only way to order our 18” NY style pizza currently!

  • How much Pie Pie My Darling Cake can I order?

    We currently do not have Pie Pie My Darling Cakes available. When we do, we’ll be updating and letting folks know through Instagram!

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