**Currently available for take-out & outdoor dining only (weather permitting)**

Our Staff Is Now Fully Vaccinated. Indoor Dining Coming Soon.

Maximum group of 4 people on the patio. No exceptions.

—this menu is current patio menu only. Wood-fired pizzas are only listed on ChowNow during wednesday special—


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To Order: Order take-out via ChowNow, click Shop Now on our Facebook page, or click the link on our Instagram profile

Wednesdays | Woodfired Special! 2 pizzas for $22 or 4 pizzas for $44. Maximum 4 pizzas

Thursdays | Mustard Madness! 12” mustard pie & 16oz Narragansett lager for $9

Sundays | $20 18” NY-Style Pepperoni pies (normally $24), $20 18” Vegan Sausage pies (normally $24) and $3 off Salads.


NOTE:we will close earlier on any day we run out of dough
Tuesday:5pm–9pm (NY-Style)
Wednesday:5pm–9pm (Wood Fired Wednesday)
Thursday:5pm–9pm (NY-Style)
Friday:5pm to 10pm
Saturday:1pm to 10pm
Sunday:1pm to 8pm



  • What are your COVID guidelines/rules?

    As of June 15, 2021:

    PATIO DINING : No groups larger than 4 people permitted at this time. Guests using the bathroom must have a mask on and must wait to be let into the restaurant. **CREDIT CARDS ONLY. NO CASH ACCEPTED**.

    BAR DINING : We are hosting several small opening nights in the bar to prepare for fill time opening. At this time, no groups larger than four in the bar and everyone must be 21 or older. No exceptions. See our Instagram and Facebook pages for soft opening announcements.

  • Why do you sometimes run out of dough?

    This happens around the country more than many people realize. Our pizza dough does not get made and delivered by another company. We make our own dough in-house. The dough we make is not pumped full of yeast and sold only a few hours later. We make our dough once per day and it is allowed to ferment over a few days in order to develop flavor before we use it to make pizzas. We are ultimately limited by the amount of space (and time) we currently have to store the dough during its various stages of creation (fermentation, dough balls in boxes, etc.). As such, we will run out of dough during particularly busy days.

  • Do you take reservations?


  • Do you deliver?

    Not at this time.

  • Is Paulie Gee’s Hampden available for private events?

    We are not available for private bookings during the pandemic and are not booking for future dates at this time.

  • Do you serve alcohol?

    Yes. Craft cocktails, beer, wine, and sipping spirits. Selections during the pandemic are greatly reduced.

  • Do you have vegan options?

    We have a significant number of vegan pizzas available on our menu.

  • Do you serve gluten-free pizza?


  • What forms of payment do you accept?

    We accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express.
    **We are not accepting cash during the pandemic, either as payment or as tips. You must bring a credit card. There is no Federal or Maryland state law which requires us to accept cash.

  • Is your dough vegan?

    Yes. Only flour, water, salt, and yeast are in our wood-fired dough. The same is true for our NY-Style dough, except it also has olive oil in it.

  • Can we bring a cake, ice cream or outside foods and/or drinks into the restaurant?

    No outside food or drinks can be brought into the restaurant or onto the patio.

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